Chora Church & Suleymaniye Mosque & Grand Bazaar

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Get astonished with the Chora Church, as being the sister of Hagia Sophia, attracting a lot of attention with its spectacular mosaics and frescoes depicting Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary. Visit the mosque of Suleyman the Magnificient as being one of the crowns of Istanbul’s seven hills faces the Golden Horn and loose the time in the world famous Grand Bazaar.

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After your cruise docked to Istanbul port, on your meeting time, your guide will be waiting you in the arrival guest terminal with a sign that your booking name indicated. After he/she welcomes you and after getting on your luxury private van, your unforgetable day in Turkey stop starts.

In this tour, the sites where you are going to be guided are kindly indicated below ;

Chora Church ; The Chora Church is a former Byzantine church, later Ottoman mosque, and current museum in the Edirnekapi neighborhood of Istanbul. It gives you an impressive effect once you go to the interior part of the building to see the original Byzantine-era mosaics and frescoes unearthed.

The Chora church was dedicated to Jesus Christ and since it stood outside of the city walls which built by Constantine, the building was called as “Chora”, which means “in the country” or “outside of the city” in Greek but also the name must have carried symbolic meaning because the mosaics in the narthex describe Christ as the Land of the Living and Mary, the Mother of Jesus, as the Container of the Uncontainable.

Suleymaniye Mosque ; The Mosque of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent is Istanbul’s largest and grandest which is one of the most popular sites to visit in Istanbul. It was constructed by the great Ottoman architect Sinan. The construction work began in 1550 and the mosque was finished in 1558. This impressive complex blended Islamic and Byzantine architectural elements. It combines tall, slender minarets with large domed buildings supported by half domes in the style of the Byzantine church Hagia Sophia. Also It references the Dome of the Rock, which was built on the site of the Temple of Solomon, as well as Justinian’s boast upon the completion of the Hagia Sophia. Feel the glory of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent in this mosque…

Grand Bazaar ; Time for shopping for a while in one of the best shopping malls ever ! The world famous covered bazaar “The Grand Bazaar” (Kapalıçarsı) is, owing to its architecture, history, location, and sheer variety of merchandise, one of İstanbul’s most significant tourist sites. The Bazaar has eight different entrances, each of them facing one of the city’s most important historic monuments and there are more than 5000 shops located whether it be jewelers,antiques,carpets,copper or leather goods..

After you finish your visits in your program, the same way you drive back to port of Istanbul. Ending our services as saying goodbye to our guests with unforgetable memories and with the wishes to welcome them back again…

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