Ephesus & Priene & Miletos

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Best preserved ancient city in Anatolia so far discovered comes as the highlight of your day, the ancient city of Ephesus…Meet with the city where Alexander the great stayed for a while that comes as Priene, and feel the privilege of visiting the birthplace of many philosophers at Miletus.

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After your cruise docked to Kusadasi port, on your meeting time, your guide will be waiting you in the arrival guest terminal with a sign that your booking name indicated. After he/she welcomes you and after getting on your luxury private van, your unforgetable day in Turkey stop starts.

First of all you follow the way to Soke town for your first stops where the Ancient Cities of Priene and Miletus exixts.

You are going to start to your program with visiting the Ancient City of Priene. Ancient City of Priene located on Mount Mycale (Samsun) and contained many famous examples of Hellenistic art and architecture. It was one of the 12 Ionian cities that settled to the western coast of Anatolia. The original location of the city has never been found but it was probably a peninsula with two harbors.

Your guide will make a round trip inside the city with the visits and informations of the ruins such as ; the parts of the Hellenistic City Walls, Egyption Temples, Grand Theater, remains of a Byzantine Basilica and Bath complex, The Temple of Athena Polias, ruins of The Private Houses, The Agora, The Buleterion, The Pretaneion, The Gymnasion and more…

After visiting this impressive city, your next stop comes as the Ancient City of Miletos exixts. After 15 minutes driving, the big impressive grand theater of the city welcomes you with all its glory…

Once the city of famous philosophers in history such as; Thales, Anaximander and Anaximenes, all philosophers of nature and the universe; the historian and geographer Hekataios, who first used the word “history” in its modern sense; and Isidorus, one of the designers of the Hagia Sophia.

Miletus was located on the coast at the mouth of the River Meander with four harbors and it became the most important of the 12 cities of Ionia with its strategical location, and was one of the first cities in the ancient world to mint coins. It was mentioned by Homer in The Iliad (II.868). You are going to see impressive ruins still standing like ; the grand theater, the Lion Harbor, a Hellenistic heroon, Baths of Faustina, the Byzantine Church of St. Michael, the agora, Temple of Serapis, The Sacred Way begins at the Harbor Gate and extended to Didyma with 12 miles(20 km) distance and The Delphinion. The inhabitants of Miletus traveled this route each year for a pilgrimage to the Temple of Apollo. Also a very well preserved bath complex called as the Faustina Baths…

After all now its time to see the highlight of the day comes as the Ancient City of Ephesus…You drive like 45 minutes to reach to Selcuk town where the city located.

Ephesus was inhabited from the end of the Bronze Age, but the location of the city was changed owing to the silting up process of the river Cayster and because of various rulers. The ancient city that we visit today is the 3rd location of Ephesus from the 3rd C BC.

As you enter the site with your guide you are going to see lots of impressive monumental structures in this Greko-Roman city such as starting from the Gate of Magnesia ; State Agora, Roman Baths, Basilica, Odeon(Buleterion), Temple of Domitian, Memmius Monument , monumental fountains including the Pollio Fountain, Gate of Heracles, three main collonaded streets of Ephesus including the Street of Curetes, Temple of Hadrian, Latrines(ancient public toilets), Gymnasium and more…

After you finish your visit inside the ancient city of Ephesus, the same way you drive back to Kusadasi where the port is. Ending our services as saying goodbye to our guests with unforgetable memories and with the wishes to welcome them back again…


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