Ephesus & Turkish Bath

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Enjoy your time walking around the magnificent ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus with the eplanations of your guide. After your unforgetable experience, time to relax for a while in a traditional Turkish Bath!

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After your cruise docked to Kusadasi port, on your meeting time, your guide will be waiting you in the arrival guest terminal with a sign that your booking name indicated. After he/she welcomes you and after getting on your luxury private van, your unforgetable day in Turkey stop starts.

In this tour you are going to explore the Ancient City of Ephesus which is the best preserved ancient city in Turkey so far discovered.

Ephesus was inhabited from the end of the Bronze Age, but the location of the city was changed owing to the silting up process of the river Cayster and because of various rulers. The ancient city that we visit today is the 3rd location of Ephesus from the 3rd C BC.

As you enter the site with your guide you are going to see lots of impressive monumental structures in this Greko-Roman city such as starting from the Gate of Magnesia ; State Agora, Roman Baths, Basilica, Odeon(Buleterion), Temple of Domitian, Memmius Monument , monumental fountains including the Pollio Fountain, Gate of Heracles, three main collonaded streets of Ephesus including the Street of Curetes, Temple of Hadrian, Latrines(ancient public toilets), Gymnasium and more…

Finishing the walking in between the ruins of the Ancient City of Ephesus, you may need some relaxing time. If you are in Turkey the word “relaxing” equals to “Turkish Bath(Hamam)”! Time to experience the process of Turkish Bath now.

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